Velvet Knit Scrunchies Tutorial

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

You may have heard this already, but scrunchies are back and they're sweeping the craft fair world!!

If you've come here with the hopes of saving yourself the trouble of making a scrunchie and just want to buy one, I have them listed for sale here.

There are so many tutorials out there that show how to create crocheted scrunchies, but few that show how to KNIT scrunchies. Also, a quick note to say, I am not a knitter. I have a knitting machine (which I know some people think is cheating...sorry). But, I have confidence that any skilled knitter could adapt my knitting machine tutorial into an actual knitting tutorial. 😉

So let's just get right to it! ☺️

First off, let me just say, I consider this a tutorial, not a pattern, because since it is done on a machine, how much can it really be a pattern if you're essentially just following assembly instructions for the thing that the machine makes, ya know? 🤔


Knit Velvet Scrunchie Tutorial

Machine I use: Addi Express King Knitting Machine (46 needles)

Any similar-sized circular knitting machine should work just fine, too, but this is the one I have.

Velvet Yarn: Bernat Velvet or Lion Brand Yarn Vel-Luxe are the kind I have used, but again, any yarn you want to use should work similarly.  Other types of yarn should work, too, just so long as your machine can handle it; it doesn't have to be velvet.

Hair Ties: I have used a couple of different types of hair ties, and it's completely personal preference as to which type you use. These are the ones I've been using lately. 

Yarn Needle: This will be necessary to sew the scrunchie closed and weave in the ends. This is the kind that I use.

Waste Yarn: You'll need several yards of a contrasting yarn to cast on and off. This can be any yarn that works well with your machine.

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