No-Sew Cotton Face Masks - Free Crochet Pattern

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This pattern is intended to be a fast and simple way to create face masks in bulk without any sewing and with minimal crochet experience needed.

If you don’t have the same tools available to you as I do, such as a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and skip blade, scissors and a needle will also do the trick. I use these tools for the sake of efficiency, and because I already own them. You can substitute almost any of the specialty tools I have listed with items you already have in your home.

Cotton yarn is recommended because it is able to withstand many washes on high heat and is also comfortable to wear.

Materials Needed

Cotton Tea Towels or Flour Sack Towels (or any 100% cotton fabric)

Skip Blade with a Rotary Cutter (optional, but recommended)

Rotary Cutter (also optional, but recommended)

Safe Cutting Surface such as a self-healing cutting mat

Ruler for use with Rotary Cutter (such as a Quilting Ruler or a metal ruler)

Cotton Yarn – I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby is used as demonstration, but any cotton yarn will work fine.

Crochet Hook size G

Bobby Pins (or any clips you have available)


Yarn needle

Pattern Notes

  • Hook size is not particularly important for this pattern, I just find the smaller hook is easier to fit into the small holes created by the skip blade.

  • If you do not have a skip stitch blade for use with a rotary cutter, you can also use a needle, awl, or craft knife to create each individual hole in the fabric to stitch around the mask.

  • Each mask uses a double layer of cotton fabric.

  • Due to the varying sizes of tea towels and flour sack towels, you may get a different number of masks from each towel. The towels I have are 31” x 31” and I am able to get 6 masks from one towel.

  • This pattern is for a standard adult-size face mask, but the methods used can easily be adapted to make other sizes.

  • If you’re right-handed, you’ll be crocheting counterclockwise around the fabric. Start your crochet at the lower-right corner of your mask. If you’re left-handed (like me), you’ll be crocheting clockwise around the mask, starting at th