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Free Printable for Crochet and Knit Project Organization

Many years ago I found myself rapidly moving from crochet project to crochet project, trying to find my next item that I would spend time on. In that whirlwind of projects, I started and abandoned so many projects that I had made headway on, but didn't feel like finishing. So, I would set that project aside and start a new one that I was excited about.

I ended up with a big stash of half-finished projects. Sometimes I would keep my hook in the project, and still attached to the remaining yarn. Other times I needed that particular hook size for another project, so I would remove it from the project thinking, "I'll remember which hook size I was using."

The same was true with the yarn. I'd leave it attached to some projects, and cut it off of others because I wanted to use it for something else.

Sometimes I would look through my pile of unfinished projects and get excited to finish one of them, but couldn't remember either which hook size I used, which yarn, or where the pattern came from. I'd try to figure it out, but if I got frustrated, the project would quickly become abandoned again.

Clearly, some organization was needed in my yarn-obsessed life.

I finally became self-aware of my limited attention span per project, and made myself some printable "project sheets". I made them small enough that they fit in my hook case (which is just a pencil case), and I started keeping a pen in my case with my hooks.

If I find myself wanting to "give up" on a project that is too far along to just unravel completely, I pull a sheet out of my case, and fill it out to keep with my unfinished project. I put the hook back into my case for use on other projects; sometimes I cut the yarn so I can use the remainder of the skein on something else, and other times I don't, but I still write down which yarn and color I was using.

Once I started my Etsy shop, I got so much use out of these sheets because I would fill one out for each finished product in my shop, and store the sheet with the product. Then, when it sold, I'd write down the sale date on it and keep all the "sale" sheets together. This makes tracking my sales so much easier, too!

I even photograph the sheet with the finished object when taking product photos, just so that when I'm editing the photos and preparing the listing, I have all the details of the product easily at hand in my product photos. This is really handy since a lot of times I'll photograph several products at once, and it may be a while before I have the time to edit the photos and list the item. With the information within the photos, I don't have to physically go to the product again to measure, find the fibre content, etc.

It's amazing how such a small thing has revolutionized how organized my project stash feels. On one small sheet I have everything I need to know about my finished items and my in-progress items.



How do you store the sheet with the item?

I pretty much just fold up the item and stick the project sheet within the fold (depending on what size item it is). Or, I'll just lay it on top of the item if it's going into a bin with other projects. You could safety pin it to the item depending on how fragile the yarn is (we don't want snags, now do we?), or hole punch the sheet and tie it to the project like a tag with a scrap of yarn. Anything that works for you and your project system is better than nothing.

What do you do with the sheets for projects you don't have anymore (gave away, sold, unravelled, etc.)?

I keep all my sheets for finished projects that I no longer have in my little notions box. The box has adjustable sized sections. I got it from a craft store years ago in the bead/jewelry making section. It was marketed as bead storage, but works perfectly for buttons, stitch markers, safety pins, and all kinds of small notions, including these sheets.

Do you offer one for knitters?

Of course! I modified my template I've had for years to include "Hook/Needle Size" to be knitter inclusive. 💕

Enough chit-chat. How do I get my hands on these project sheets?

Well, you're in luck. I'm just givin' 'em out for free! Click the image below to open the pdf file, then simply save it to wherever you'd like to keep it. Or print directly from your internet browser.



Okay, I got them. Now, how do I make them?

Print them out on letter-sized paper (standard 8.5" x 11"), and cut them down between each sheet. You'll get eight project sheets per piece of paper. You may have a printer option to "scale to fit" and that will make sure no edges are outside of your particular printer's printing capabilities.

You can also leave the sheets uncut and keep them as sort of a ledger in a notebook if you prefer.

Print as many as you'd like and simply cut them down to size so they fit in your hook case, project tote, craft area, etc.


Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog! I'm new at this, so if you have any constructive feedback, I'd love to hear it! These project sheets are offered free for you to use. Please do not attempt to sell or distribute these sheets as your own. I'd love for you to direct people to my blog if they are interested in using them.

If you have any questions about the use of these project sheets, please reach out to me. You can contact me through this site, or through any of the various social media outlets linked on this page.

If you try these out, I would love for you to show me how you're using them! Tag me on Instagram @CraftilyConcocted, or over on my Facebook page. 🥰

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